Introducing 10°

The view from the 28th floor of the London Hilton on Park Lane is eternal and ever-changing. Since opening in 2006, the skyline has changed in a myriad way and yet it’s so irrevocably, hypnotically still the same city. What never changes is the impossible beauty of the play of light over the city at different times of the day. The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are especially stunning and, when the weather is clear, a soft golden warmth suffuses all its touches, making it near-impossible to drag your eyes away from the ever-evolving cityscape. It is this light, this beauty, this view and this city, which we took as inspiration when deciding on how to refresh and revitalise our bar.

Working with interior architects Aylott & Van Tromp, we drew on the essentials of the view and the light – being right on the corner of Hyde Park and overlooking Green Park – the vista mixes a surprising amount of the wooded and bucolic with the hustle and flex of central London. Greens for an urban oasis crept up the 28 flights of stairs, to be met with the golds and discreet luxury of the light – those times after sunrise and before sunset which, unsurprisingly, photographers call the Golden Hour. The science behind it is that at these times, when the light from the sun is striking the earth at around 10 degrees, it has more atmosphere to travel through and indirect light makes up a greater part of the spectrum, warming it as the red parts come through more distinctly.

More science took place behind the bar as our team of mixologists were tasked with creating a menu of cocktails to match the view both inside and out, and they did not disappoint. New takes on old favourites are combined with bespoke creations available nowhere else – such as the saffron-infused based Apera, The Golden Hour – a botanical inspired Gin and Champagne creation, and a thirst-quenching non-alcoholic offering using the ever popular Seedlip, the ‘Yerma Collins’.

Head Chef Joo Won and his team then set to work to create a bar menu of light bites to compliment and enhance the new drinks. The stand-out dish, Joo’s Fried Chicken, is a deliciously tempting crowd-pleaser and we defy any meat-eating food fan not to be completely captivated by this dish.

As with all things, this evolution will not stop here, and as the seasons change, so will our food and drinks, our live entertainment and DJ nights, our parties and our celebrations. They all have a new home though – and if you haven’t seen and experienced it yet, we can’t wait to welcome you up to our golden place, 10°.


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