Champagne and Wine Dinners

One of the areas we pride ourselves on at Galvin at Windows is finding wine and/or Champagne to perfectly pair with the cuisine.

Some start with creating the menu first, then follow with finding wine and/or Champagne to match. We believe this notion is backwards, and so have adopted the opposite.

This is particularly pertinent for our Champagne and wine dinners, which are available throughout the year for all who are looking to experience something truly special.

To bring the dining experiences to fruition, we begin by selecting a supplier to partner with before exploring the many glorious notes available; whether this is a wine, curvee or a vintage.

It’s then essential for the Executive Chef, the Sommelier and the supplier to work together to agree which notes and flavours to pair. Once there is unity through trial and error of tasting, and a natural fit is found, the rest flows naturally and the menu is born.

We invite you all to join our wine and/or Champagne Dinners:

Pommery – 30th March 2020
Grandes Marques – 12th May 2020
Faiveley – 7th July 2020
Chateau Musar – 8th September 2020
Pichon Lalande – 8th October 2020
Barolo Truffles – 10th November 2020


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